Create Rock Star Team Members 

8 Week Training & Coaching Program for Agency Team Members

As agency owners, our number one expense is our team. Set them up to rock your agency with 8 weeks of high-intensity training and coaching focusing on long-term success habits and accountability.

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I can honestly say...

...I've NEVER been so excited about any program during my entire sales career.

With our captive, multi-line business model focused on growth and retention, Agency Owners simply cannot do it all alone. 


The biggest difference I see between Agencies that are clicking and those that are struggling is TEAM. 


So much of our success depends on the success of those we have on our front lines.  Yet there has never been a program that focuses on helping Team Members create long-term success habits.


Yes, there are plenty of “here today, gone tomorrow” seminars and workshops out there.  And while they create initial excitement, they fail because they don’t stay with the attendees.  And THAT is the difference between “training” and “coaching.”

Hold Your Team Accountable

Not only do we offer the initial training, but we stay with the participants for the next 8 weeks to ensure they have a firm understanding and continuously implement what they've learned.

See why I'm so excited about this program...

Success Habits

for our most valuable assets

Nothing costs us more money and takes up more of our time than training and developing Team Members. This program introduces them to everything they'll need to know about selling multiple lines of insurance at a high level.


daily lessons and action items

Every single weekday, participants receive an email asking Team Members to TAKE ACTION on that day's lesson. It may be reading, video, word tracks, role playing or trying something new live at the agency.


setting and achieving goals

Each Team Member will clearly state their goals during Week 1 and, for the following 8 weeks, we track their results as they string for "Rock Star Hall of Fame" status.


every. single. day.

Team Members are asked to complete checkpoint surveys each week reporting what they learned, accomplished and produced - and where they need more help!


for the very best

We've put thousands of dollars in gift cards on the line for those who participate the most and achieve the goals they set for themselves throughout the program.

Live Training

weekly touchpoints

Every week we jump on a live training call to review, answer questions, hear from other Agents (or high performing Team Members) and ensure everyone is getting exactly what they need to succeed.

Role Plays

to practice and prepare

Each week, Team Members are put through recorded role plays to practice what they've been learning and prepare for real sales situations.


a personal reference tool

Throughout the program, each Team Member will record their scripts, hot lists, agency documents and favorite training videos in their own Personal Playbook.

I’m confident there is NO other training program that comes close to offering this much content, accountability and personal attention on the market today.  


As the Agent, you are more than welcome to sit in on as much or as little as you’d like throughout the 8 weeks.


While this is a group coaching/training program, there will be cases where we will need to have individual conversations about your Team Members performance.  While these are not scheduled as part of the program…I’ll always be available to chat with each Agent that needs guidance.


Unfortunately, not all will make it through the 8 weeks, but that’s okay.  It’s better to know quickly that they aren’t the answer versus dragging them along for months or years, wasting your money and wondering if you gave them the proper training or not.  If they can’t handle this program and they won’t do the little things asked of them to set the foundation, then this program is worth its weight in gold for those reasons too. (Daily time commitment will only be about 30 minutes per day or less).


Finally, it should be noted that this is a SALES training program.  Each office has different service processes and ECRM processes and claims processes, so I’m not going to dive into those areas. Everything I will coach and train them on will be identifying more prospects, more sales opportunities, earning more referrals and ultimately writing more business for your agency in the long term.


What You Can Expect

We know, this sounds too good to be true. So let's take a minute to get into the nitty-gritty of the content covered during the course of this training.

  • Week 1 - Customizing Crucial Statements

    • Agency Mission Statement & Establishing 61 Day Goals
    • Personal Value Statement
    • MINDSET: No difference between “sales” and “service”
    • Transition Statement
    • Comparison Statement
  • Week 2 - Creating a Unique/Memorable Customer Experience

    • Go Shopping
    • What makes YOU and YOUR agency unique/better than the competition?
    • Create your “Always List”
    • Passion, Purpose and WHY
    • What will you be known for? FRS 37
    • Creating a Productive Work Space FRS 38
  • Week 3 - Clearly Define A WINNING DAY

    • Win Everyday Playbook
    • One Small Win
    • 6 Daily Disciplines + Hydration & Movement
    • Creating an Evening & Morning Routine
    • Practice Time
    • Developing your “Essential List”
    • Goals for your BIG 3 activities (Don’t Break the Chain) & Accountability Partner
  • Week 4 - Prospecting

    • Lead vs Lag – what to track – plant, cultivate, harvest
    • Creating a positive Mindset around prospecting
    • Handling Objections (Feel, Felt, Found)
    • Identifying “Resistance Statements”
    • Grass Roots Marketing/Q4Good
  • Week 5 - The Million Dollar Multi-line Sales Process

    • Strong Opening Statement
    • Value Statement
    • Probing Questions
    • Support Statements
    • Setting the Agenda
    • Doing Detective Work
    • Making Steps 1-6 Flow together
    • The Storyboard process
    • Creating and Practicing your stories
    • Reviewing Previously Accepted Benefits
    • Anticipating and Overcoming Objections
    • Closing the Sale
    • Making Steps 8-10 Flow together
    • How to Win when the auto rate is higher
  • Week 6 - The Onboarding & Rock Star Referral Process

    • Using the Onboarding Checklist
    • Rock Star Referral Process
    • Working Centers of Influence
    • Burn the boats!
    • Google Reviews
      • Week 7 - High Result Life & Health Strategies

        • Get into a LIFE Mindset
        • Your World
        • Stairs & Buckets
        • Your World
        • Triangle of Protection
        • Good, Better, Best
        • The Health Facts: Stats & Probability
        • Can’t miss DI word tracks
        • Slam Dunk HI systems
      • Week 8 - Utilizing Internal Reports & Planning for the Next 12 Weeks

        • BOD as a sales tool
        • Auto & Fire Billed Previous Week
        • Birthdays
        • I Report
        • Single Line HH
        • Book by Premium
        • Understand How the Agency Earns Revenue
        • Clearly Define Your Role, Your Goals for next 12 Weeks and strategies
        • Create 12 Week Business Plan (Schedule a date and time to present this plan to Agent and/or Team)
        • One FINAL Survey

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