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Provide your teams with the tools required to dominate your market and work so efficiently your competition cannot compare.

The reality is...

...nobody who owns an insurance agency ever planned on owning one.

Once upon a time I was a highly successful salesperson, or sales manager, or corporate executive or somebody special in some other field.


Then, I got sick of working for somebody else and I thought it would be awesome to own my own business, create my own schedule, make tons of money, travel the world and golf a lot.


So I opened my own insurance agency.


The problem is insurance agency owners who jumped into this industry during the 21st century have a much different looking opportunity than those who came before them. It’s still a tremendous opportunity, but the rewards aren’t realized until several years of dues are paid.

I'm Scott Grates, founder of the Insurance Agency Optimization program.


I wrote this book to save agency owners time and money as an alternative to present day trainings and seminars which offer quick fixes, silver bullets and shortcuts to success; none of which exist.


Insurance Agency Optimization uses simple, easy to understand mindsets, systems and processes which have worked in all sales industries since the beginning of time.


This book focuses on the common denominators all successful agencies share.


Readers will learn to consistently focus on daily disciplines which increase levels of health, happiness and overall productivity.

You’ll be given the essential mindset required to win each moment so you can win every day.


We will provide you and your teams with the tools required to dominate your market and ultimately work so efficiently your competition cannot even compare.


The insurance business is simple, but it’s certainly not easy. You recruit, hire, train, educate and continuously motivate highly productive team members. You get to know your prospects by having conversations which uncover needs and then you offer the best possible solutions to satisfy those needs.


Sounds simple, but again…it’s not easy.


This book was written and The Insurance Agency Optimization program was developed to make your life as the proud owner of a multi-line insurance agency much easier and will put you and your team on the right path to:

  • Recognize and optimize every customer opportunity within every interaction each and every day
  • Stand above and ultimately eliminate your competition
  • Create a winning office culture with personal and team accountability
  • Plan, prepare, track and ultimately WIN every day
  • Implement a simple, repeatable sales processes to uncover multiple customer needs within one relaxed conversation
  • EARN more referrals, ELIMINATE wasted marketing dollars and RETAIN more customers than ever before
  • Become the happiest, healthiest and most productive version of yourself

Perhaps you didn’t fully understand what you were jumping into when you opened your insurance agency.


And chances are you often times feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated.


The good news is you are not alone.


The better news is there are proven ways to improve your results spelled out in this book.


The best news is, this book will show you how to close the “knowledge/action gap.”


It’s great to know things, but without action knowledge is useless.


Insurance Agency Optimization will challenge you to take one, two or three key components that best suit your agency and implement them immediately.


The strategies shared in this book are proven to work and grow your business regardless of where you are today.


After reading Insurance Agency Optimization and joining The IAO Mastermind Group the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t know all of this sooner!



There Is No Catch!


I realize this is very inexpensive... so right about now, you might be wondering what the "catch" is.


You might have experienced other websites that offered you something inexpensive and then stuck you into some program with a recurring monthly fee.


This isn't one of them. 


There's NO hidden program you get automatically signed up for or anything else at all you have to buy. 


I've decided to give you this entire book for the price of shipping and handling so you can see for yourself how the Insurance Agency Optimization program helps multi-line insurance agency owners grow their business FAST.


My hope is that you’ll love it, get amazing results, and we’ll do more business together in the future.


But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:


Time Is Very Limited


This is the second run of my book, and I was only able to get 100 prints.


And because the price is so low, I’m taking a loss on the book.


It currently costs me about $22 to sell one book.


Now, why would I do that?


Simple - I’ve packed as much value as possible into this book, and I’m hoping you love it so much, you’ll want to do more business with me down the road.


And lastly, even though you’re getting a physical book shipped to your house…




Of course there's a full money-back guarantee.


In fact, it’s perhaps…


The BOLDEST Guarantee in History 


I 100% guarantee you'll love this book, or I'll return your $6.95 and let you keep the book anyway.


That's right. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you don't even have to send anything back. Just email me and I'll refund your $6.95 with no questions asked.


How's that for fair?


This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before I Mail Out My Last 100 Books


P.S. Just in case you’re like me and skip to the bottom of these pages, here’s what you need to know:


I’m offering a 132-page book that will provide you and your teams with the tools required to dominate your market and ultimately work so efficiently your competition cannot even be compared to you.


The book is $6.95.


This is a very limited offer because it's a marketing test for the Insurance Agency Optimization program.


There is no "catch" to this offer.


If you don't like the book, let me know and I'll refund your $6.95 immediately. You don't even need to send the book back.


Fill out the form below and claim your copy now. You won't regret it.

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Provide your team with the tools required to dominate your market and work so efficiently your competition cannot compare.

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